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Do you wish to obtain info regarding Best Digital SLR Cameras Online?

In this video I break down what the BEST streaming camera in 2021.

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▼ The cameras I recommend for live streaming:

Sony A6000:
Sony A6100:
Sony A6400:
Sony A7 III:
Canon M200:

▼ Which camera do I recommend most for live streaming? Click to find out:


Same Camera model, different color way, $40 off!:

▼ How to convert cameras into webcams:


▼ How I keep my Sony camera charged indefinitely while streaming:


▼ The Lens I recommend most for live streaming:



Creators featured in this video:

Subscription animation created by ABritoArt:

Video rendered at 4K60 so you can see the quality jump from 1080p to 4K, as well as the FPS difference of the 30fps vs 60fps.

Chapter Markers:
0:00 Intro
0:17 Why A5100 is no longer king
0:59 Is the new king better or worse than A5100?
1:22 Background on cameras used in streaming
2:12 What you should be looking for in cameras for streaming
2:50 Why mirrorless cameras are the best cameras for quality
3:05 Why you want mirrorless cameras over DSLRs
3:29 Why I suggest Sony over Nikon, Panasonic, and Canon
5:08 The new king of Streaming cameras is….
5:25 Reason #1 I’ve crowned the new king: Quality
6:29 Reason #2: Price
7:04 Reason #3: Flip Up LCD Screen
7:34 Reason #4: Mic Input
8:17 Is the A6400 worth it?
8:52 Is full frame worth it?
9:33 Runners Up for Best Streaming Camera
9:55 Is the Canon M200 worth it?
11:00 Is the Sony A6000 worth it?
11:48 The issue with Sony A5100 and A6000
12:36 Is the A6000 discontinued?
13:17 Conclusion

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